About Us

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  We push you to the cutting edge of technology  


Megafuse was incepted with the vision to propel the advancement of new technology in a global continent.Enabling unionism in regional, ethnical & state with cultural interest in the progress of technology,

To enhance productivity & efficiency in lifes quality.

Megafuse Technologies has been involved in various arms of invented technologies which are:

  • Software Product
  • Commercial & Enterprise Solutions
  • Business Solutions
  • Cloud Management &
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Web Solutions and API
  • Cognitive Solutions

Enabling end users to realize their long-term visions within the current realities in technological trends & implementation in various fields of study also as a consulting firm for both visionary start-ups and existing stalwart organizations that are looking for cutting edge technology.

Our services has served as the major component for our clients business development.

We strive for fluid thinking and ingenuity in this our complex and fast-changing environment. Thinking outside the box


To be the Preferred business and life transforming partner.


Making I.T. known to the unknown.


To be one of the cutting edge in technologies advancement in our continent.